A word from the President of KIWATEC

Word of welcome from the Director of Korea Water Technology Certification Institute


The Certification Institute was founded in November 2019 pursuant to laws related to the development of water management and technologies and the promotion of water industries, entering service to perform the tasks of certification/verification and related tasks concerning the sanitary safety, quality and performance of water management technologies and products.

The Certification Institute aims to become in both name and fact the specialized agency for the verification and certification of water technologies by raising the certification and verification work of water-related technologies to the international level as well as unifying these tasks nationally.

In addition, the KIWATEC aims to implement not only the development of water-related technology, products and certification/verification technology and R&D, but also the technology R&D and various functions for the promotion of the national water industry. By engaging in various cooperative endeavors with the world’s prominent water-related agencies such as the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) of the United States, we seek to provide a certification service at the international level and establish a beachhead for the advancement of national industries in the overseas market.

We will do our best to become the only water-related comprehensive certifying agency that provides the certification/verification service at the international level.
Thank you.

Yours sincerely, President of KIWATEC, Dr. Kyungseok Min