Purpose of establishment and history

Pursuant to the ‘Laws Related to Water Management, Technology Development and the Promotion of Water Industries’ of July 2018, the KIWATEC is an agency that works to improve the fairness and certifying expertise regarding the certification of water-related materials, products and water purifiers, the only water certification agency from Korea.

Basis of Establishment

Article 19 of 「Laws Related to Water Management, Technology Development and the Promotion of Water Industries」.
Article 19 (The Establishment of the Korea Water Technology Certification Institute, etc.) ① In order to efficiently perform the tasks of certification/verification and related tasks for the securing of the sanitary safety, quality and performance of water-management technology and products, we create the Korea Water Technology Certification Institute (henceforth referred to as “Certification Institute”.

Characteristics of the KIWATEC

A non-profit corporation

Main functions

Classification Brief description Remarks
Tasks enumerated by law Certification/verification of water-management technology and products Statute Law Article 19, Clause 4
Standards development, survey and research of certification and verification
Risk assessment evaluations and development of testing methods for standards development
The tasks related to certification and verification of water-management technology and products commissioned from the Minister of the Environment
Related tasks Support for overseas advancement of water certification -
Education and publicity related to water certification and verification, etc.
The creating of the foundation for standardization of the water industry Statute Law Article 9

Progress of KIWATEC’s efforts

December The full-scale operation of KIWATEC
November Permission of incorporation and registration of incorporation (Ministry of the Environment/MOE) of KIWATEC
Opening ceremony (November 26, 2019)
Conclusion of private consignment contract between the Ministry of the Environment and the Certification Institute (November 27, 2019)
March~November Operate the Establishment Committee for KIWATEC
Finalization of deliberation of the articles of association and major regulations (organization, personnel, pay, accounting, official-seals management)
Determination of Daegu National Industrial Cluster as the location for KIWATEC (May 2019)
Special employment for experienced personnel for the stable operation of the initial phases of the Certification Institute
Appointment of Kyungseok Min as the first president of the Certification Institute (November 1, 2019~October 31, 2022)
March 6 Determination of the composition of the Establishment Committee of KIWATEC
The Vice-Minister of the Environment as the committee chair, in addition to the MOE Chief for the Bureau of Water Resources Policy and other water-related experts selected in the 10-person committee
August~November Implementation of research service for KIWATEC’s establishment and methods of operation
June 12 Enactment of the Bases of Establishment for KIWATEC
Article 19 of 「Laws Related to Water Management, Technology and the Promotion of Water Industries」