Organization chart with functions

Organization chart


President of the Certification Institute

Board of Directors

Planning and Operation Office

Planning and Budget Team
Management Support Team

Certification Review Room

Certification Expert
Sanitary Safety Certification Team
Performance Certification Team
Household Product Certification Team

Technical Laboratories

R&D Team
Technical Support Team

Assigned tasks

Name of department Main tasks
Planning and Operation Office Planning and Budget Team
  • Establishing business management strategies and business plans
Management Support Team
  • General affairs, accounting, computers, security, contracts
Certification Review Room Sanitary Safety Certification Team
  • Maintaining sanitary-safety standard certification
  • Inspection of articles on the market and follow-up management work
Performance certification team
  • Certifying the suitability of waterworks materials and products
  • Certification of the sanitary safety of water treatment agents
  • ISO, KS and group standard certifications
Household product certification team
  • Certification of kitchen waste grinders
  • Efficiency test of personal sewage treatment equipment
  • Quality inspection of water purifiers
Technical Laboratories R&D Team
  • Researching standards of water technology and areas of certification and verification
  • Developing new systems of certification/verification and conducting joint international research
Technical Support Team
  • Cooperation Organization for Standards Development (COSD), international cooperation
  • Quality consulting and business support