Conformity certification

A certification system that requires of the waterworks material a certain quality,
or of the waterworks product, the possession of a system of continuous and stable production.

Purpose of enterprise

We seek to support the entrance of advanced products into the market, the encouragement of technology development and the securing of the safety of waterworks facilities through the quality certification of waterworks materials and products that are difficult to standardize or of newly developed categories.

The target of certification

Waterworks materials or products that are not specified in Waterworks Enforcement Decree Article 24-2, from Clause 1 to 5, which was a newly developed product, an ISO certification company product, or was a waterworks material or product that was difficult to standardize.

Method of certification

Evaluating whether the waterworks material satisfied a certain quality or whether there was a continuous and stable system of waterworks production, and giving the certification if they did.

Legal bases

Waterworks materials or products that were declared by the Korea Institute for Water Technology Certification (KIWATEC) as satisfying the standards of certification according to Waterworks Law Article 14, Clause 3, the same Enforcement Decree Article 24-2, Clause 1, Sub-paragraph 7 and Ministry of Environment Notice No. 2016-172.

Operation guidelines

It regulates the necessary matters for the operation of the 「suitability certification system of waterworks materials and products」 such as the certification procedures and methods for the waterworks materials and products used for running-water facilities.