Certification for kitchen waste grinders

Certification system that requires the conformance of standards such as whether it is an integral type,
or whether it meets the standard rates of emission, of kitchen waste grinders used in regular households.

Basic background

주방용 오물분쇄기Kitchen waste grinders are prohibited from sales and use as it is classified as a ‘special manufactured product,’ according to Wastewater Act Article 33, Enforcement Decree Article 23 and Ministry of Environment Notice No. 2013-179 (‘The Prohibition of Selling or Using Kitchen Waste Grinders’).
However, the sales and use of kitchen waste grinders are allowed if it receives the kitchen waste grinder certification under Ministry of Environment Notice No. 2013-179 Article 9, and the KC safety certification under Article 3 of the 『Electric Products Safety Management Law』 Article 3.
1. Regular households included in the Sewage Treatment Area specified in the Wastewater Act Article 2, Sub-paragraph 15.
2. Of the areas excluding the Sewage Treatment Area, households where the personal sewage treatment equipment (applies only to wastewater treatment equipment) was installed.
Meanwhile, if the above laws and regulations (Wastewater Act, Electric Products Safety Management Law) are violated and such products are sold or used, penalties (such as imprisonment or fines) or fines will be imposed.

Certification system

What is a kitchen waste grinder certificate?
The Kitchen Waste Grinder Certificate is determined after procedures (such as document review, factory inspection, testing of product, etc.) based on ‘The Prohibition of Sales and Use of Kitchen Waste Grinders’ (MOE Notice No. 2013-179) Clauses 4 to 8.
Outline of factory inspection and product testing
Classification Brief description Remarks
Factory inspection The confirmation of whether the kitchen waste grinder meets certain standards and whether it can be manufactured in a continuous, stable manner. A pass mark is 80 points or above.
After the receipt of the certification, making it impossible for the kitchen waste grinder to be arbitrarily converted by the seller or the user to increase the disposal of kitchen waste by designing and manufacturing integral-type equipment.
Product performance testing Testing whether the retrieved waste residue of the kitchen waste grinder was 80% or above of the solid food matter in terms of weight, or whether 20% or less was released. If the firm passes the factory examination

The procedures of certification conferment

The procedures of certification conferment
Submit request for certification
Receipt of application
Document review,factory inspection
Product testing
Certification consideration
Issuing of

Matters that require attention of the certification request product

1. Integral-type product

1) An externally singular kitchen waste grinder that prevents the arbitrary conversion of component parts to increase discharge of food residue, where there is not separate equipment for the retrieval of food residue (normally the ‘secondary disposal part’ made up of a filter) and the grinding unit (normally called ‘grinder’).

2) Even if the ‘grinder’ and the ‘secondary disposal part’ are externally distinct units, where it is impossible to increase food residue discharge by arbitrarily manipulating the parts such as the connection part conveying the food residue from the ‘grinder’ to the ‘secondary disposal part.’

2. Clause 4, Sub-paragraph 2

If the connection between the ‘grinder’ and ‘secondary disposal part,’ or if filter that retrieves food residue in the ‘secondary disposal unit’ can be detached with the loosening of a screw or nut, the product is then not viewed as an integral-type product.

3. Clause 4, Sub-paragraph 1, 2

The filter in the device that retrieves food residue of the kitchen waste grinder should be made of stainless steel or other metal parts so that it can withstand the artificial shock from the user.

※ Basis: Operation guideline for the certification system of kitchen waste grinders (Korea Water and Wastewater Association enactment of February 14, 2014.