Sanitary safety certification of water treatment agents

A certification system that aims to build an advanced water treatment agent management system
by providing safe running water and improving the production and supply methods of waterworks firms.

Purpose of enterprise

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To convert citizens’ attitudes
by securing the safety of running water

Securing the safety of running water
from the hazards of water treatment agent

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Providing convenience and improving quality for users

With future development, the production of products of high-quality through the reduction of production time.

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Raising the economic feasibility of producing firms

Cutting the costs of inspection by conducting regular quality,
safety and factory inspections

Targets of certification

Manufacturer of coagulants, alkalinity control agents (soda lime, slaked lime), powdered activated carbon (PAC)

The strengths of having a sanitary-safety certification system
for water treatment agents

Improving the usage procedures of water treatment agents
Build an advanced operating system through the conducting of factory inspections for quality and safety

* If making a purchase, will leave out quality inspection work

Existing operating methods
Buy the water treatment agents
Conduct product quality inspections
Conduct product quality inspections upon delivery
Evaluate the suitability of product quality
Advanced managing system for water treatment agents
Buy the water treatment agents
Safety and factory
inspections once every year Hazards
and manufacturing facility evaluations
Quality inspections
4 times a year
Product quality evaluations
Evaluating suitability of safety, quality and facilities
Raising the economic feasibility of firms
Cutting the costs of inspections by conducting regular quality inspections (4 times/year)
Evaluating the hazards of water treatment agents
With safety inspections, reducing the hazards from the residue of water treatment agents and increasing citizens’ trust in running water

Certification methods

Evaluating the sanitary safety of water treatment agents by conducting safety and quality inspections of water treatment agents and conferring certification status after conducting factory checks
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Safety inspections

Conducting the KWWA A110 Evaluation
(37 items)

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Quality inspections

Ministry of Environment Notices
Evaluation according to water treatment agents standards and indication standards

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Factory inspections

Evaluating materials/ process/ manufacturing equipments/ inspection equipment management

Procedure for treating certification applications

We examine the documents such as quality inspection forms submitted by the firms requesting water treatment agent certification, and carry out factory facility and operation inspections by forming inspection teams. In addition, after conducting a safety and quality inspection, a certification committee composed of 10 persons or less will be formed to deliberate on the certification.
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Sanitary safety certification
application and receipt

Sanitary safety certification application of water treatment agents, application receipt and document review

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Conducting factory safety and
quality inspection

Forming the certification deliberation team: 2 certification committee members make the business trip for sampling procedure (safety and quality inspection) and refer inspection to authorized inspection agency

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Deliberation Committee

Composed of 10 persons or fewer certification deliberation committee members. With the presence of the majority, if there is a suitability judgment by 2/3 or more, certification passes.

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Notice of certification
deliberation results

Notify the relevant firm of the results of certification deliberation

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Issue of certification

Issuing of certification to successful applicant for certification deliberation

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Follow-up management

According to the categories of inspection (such as safety and quality) conducting regular inspections

Department in charge: Certification 2 Team

Person in charge: Section Chief Jiku Kim