Quality clinics

A professional consultant directly visits the firm and provides custom-fit consulting free of charge to induce standardized,
internal documents, quality control and items of preparation for certification application.

Purpose of Enterprise

- By providing coaching for quality control to small businesses making waterworks materials, we induce the production of quality waterworks materials and contribute to citizens’ sanitary health.
- Arranging for the creation of a virtuous-cycle environment of newly-released products by providing coaching for good that failed to win certification or where the certification was withdrawn, giving cause analysis and methods of improvement.

Contents of enterprise

Term of enterprise : August~December 2020 (Recruitment period: July 23~August 7, 2020)
Promotion method : A professional consultant directly visits the firm, providing 1:1 custom-fit consulting with a person in charge with quality-control (certification officer) (for 2 days).

Content of consulting

  - (laws, certification systems) the Waterworks Laws and related subordinate laws, procedures of certification, the process testing method of sanitary-safety standards, performance standards of manufactured products

  - (certification deliberation preparation) management of materials, process management, quality control, manufacturing equipment management, inspection equipment management, sampling method and procedure for products (making of specimen for test-use, etc.)

  - (certification information web use) application for certification, history management, registration of items of major change and management

Workshops and presentations according to region

Hosting of workshops and the invitation of firms according to major region (Gyeonggi, Busan, Daegu, Gwangju, Daejeon) 5 times a year